Rockin’ the Steps


Rockin' the Steps

Oh yes, there was much merriment and boogie on the job-site. Dave and I had a genuine music exchange program. MC Chris one way and Lettuce the other and much, much more. I now have a better appreciation for the rhythm and poetry even if I am not much better at understanding it.  I learned as much about classic rock, which I still find generally distasteful.  It may be the most appropriate music to use a nail gun too.  Fact.  Don’t bother trying to listen to Head and the Heart while building.  We did a lot of blues and bluegrass which is more agreeable to me and just about as good to build to, so if you are doing a weekend project and not feeling motivated try another station.


The POWER!!!


The POWER!!!

Oh the things you can do with a bucket truck. You could pick cherries or spy on your neighbors within inches from the window (creepy) or install power to the powerless in our society. A sincere ‘thanks’ to all the guys working for the village. They are really quite timely and capable characteristics which are not as common as they should be these days.


LOOK MOM!  I’m on TV…the news! And, not because I was throwing pinecones at pedestrians while in a tree, ranting and naked. (for the record that never happened)

Tiny House TV (Click Here)


1. I didn’t design the little green house they said I did.

2. Dave helped me because I designed it; I helped Dave because he was lead carpenter.

3. I think she says we are a Texas company which is nonsensical.

It’s nice to be recognized.  I really like what Ellen says about extra things not bringing us joy(or not what we expect them to).