I’m Allison and this is my husband Alex along with our cat Sydney. We recently moved back to Yellow Springs, Ohio from Denver, Colorado after a couple of great years out West. We loved living near the beautiful Rocky Mountains and within biking distance of Denver’s art and culture, but a simpler lifestyle including building our own spaces both inside and out motivated our move back to the Midwest. We lived in Yellow Springs, a small art community in Ohio, for a year previously while Alex helped build a Passive House with Green Generation Building Company. This year, Alex will be rejoining the design/build company, and I am currently the studio director at John Bryan Community Pottery, a wonderful community ceramics space! We’ve decided to share our adventure building both a “tiny house”  and a Passive House as phase one and two of a building project that will eventually include a small orchard with cultivated outdoor spaces to compliment sustainable and small indoor spaces. Our “tiny house” will be a small 320 sq. ft. house that will serve as our home base while we build the larger 800 sq. ft. space. Later the tiny house will serve as a guest house. Our hope is to share a design/build process that highlights not only the accessibility but the beauty of building small sustainable spaces!


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